UNIPORT Academic Calendar for the 2019/2020 scholastic session has been distributed. The scholastic schedule shows a separate of scholarly exercises for the 2019/2020 scholarly session. As per the schedule, new and returning understudies are required back to Campus on Sunday eighth December, 2019. See full subtleties beneath;


FIRST SEMESTER FOR Uniport academic calendar


0.0 Monday. 25th – Friday. sixth December 2019

Pre-resumption Registration for Fresh Students

1.0 Sunday, eighth December 2019

Crisp and Returning Students Arrive

2.0 Monday. ninth December 2019

Enrollment of Returning Students Begins

3.0 Wednesday. eighteenth December 2019

Extra-Ordinary Meeting of Senate to Consider Second Semester 2018/2019 Results

4.0 Friday. twentieth December – Saturday. fourth January 2020

Christmas Break

5.0 Monday, sixth January, 2019 – Friday. third ADM. 2020 (13 weeks)

Talks Begin for all Students (Monday, 6,, January, 2020)

Direction for Fresh Students (Tuesday, 4,, February, 2020)

Cutoff time for Payment of Charges (Friday, 28th February, 2020)

End of Registration for all Students (Friday, 6,, March, 2020)

Registration Ceremony (Tuesday, tenth March, 2020)

Accommodation of Continuous Assessment Scores to Academic Office (Friday, April, 2020)

End of Lectures (Friday, third April, 2020)

6.0 Monday. sixth April – Friday, seventeenth April. 2020


Easter Break (Friday tenth – Monday thirteenth April 2020)

7.0 Monday. twentieth April – Friday. fifteenth May. 2020 (a month) First Semester Examinations

8.0 Monday. eighteenth – Saturday. 30th May. 2020 (2weeksj First Semester Break

9.0 Wednesday. seventeenth Lune 2020

Extra-Ordinary Meeting of Senate to consider First Semester 2019/2020 Results


10.0 June – December 2020

Understudies Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES)

11.0 Sunday, 3151 May, 2020

All Students Arrive

12.0 Monday. first June – Friday. 28th August. 2020 (13 weeks)

(I) Lectures Begin for All Students (Monday, first June 2020)

(ii) Deadline for Payment of Second Installment Charges (Friday, third July, 2020)

(iii) End of Registration for Second Installment Payment (Friday, tenth July, 2020)

(iv) Submission of Continuous Assessment Scores to Academic Office (Friday, 28th August 2020)

(v) End of Lectures (Friday, 28th August 2020)

13.0 Monday. 31st August – Saturday. fifth September. 2020

Understudies Union Week: Cultural Activities/Students Union Election

14.0 Monday. seventh – Friday. eleventh September. 2020


15.0 Monday fourteenth September – Friday. ninth October 7020 (4 Weeks) Second Semester Examinations

16.0 Monday. twelfth – Saturday. 24th October. 2020 (2 weeks)

2019/2020 Long Vacation (Full-Time Students)

17.0 Wednesday. eleventh November. 2020

Extra-Ordinary Meeting of Senate to consider Second Semester 2019/2020 Results


1.0 Monday. sixth – Friday. tenth July. 2020

New and Returning Students Arrive (Monday, sixth July, 2019)

Understudies Resume (Contact with Student Affairs)

Enlistment of Fresh and Returning Students

Direction for Fresh Students

2.0 Monday. thirteenth Iuly – Friday. eleventh September. 2020 (9 Weeks)

Talks Begin for All Students (Monday, thirteenth July, 2020)

Accommodation of Continuous Assessment Scores to Academic Office (Friday, fourth September, 2020)

End of Lectures (Friday, eleventh September, 2020)

3.0 Monday. fourteenth – Friday. eighteenth September. 2020 (multi week)


4.0 Monday. 21st – Saturday, 26th September. 2020 (multi week)

Assessments for All Sandwich Students

5.0 Wednesday. 28th October. 2020


Extra-Ordinary Meeting of Senate to consider Sandwich Program 2020 Results