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United Nations Scholarships 2020: As a student who desires a scholarship to further your study, note. The United Nations Scholarships 2020 is here.

It provides an ample opportunity for you and this article provides necessary information you need. Also, it discusses some of the available UN 2020 scholarships.
About United Nations (UN)

The United Nations (UN) is an intergovernmental organization. Also, the UN was established after World War II. Additionally, UN is the largest intergovernmental organization in the world. Also, it succeeded the League of Nations. Additionally, the UN also develops friendly relations.


Please note that it’s headquarter is in New York City, US. However, other main offices are in Geneva, Nairobi, Vienna and The Hague. Also, it is the most familiar, internationally represented intergovernmental organization. Additionally, you should note that it’s very powerful.

Furthermore, UN is responsible for maintaining international peace and security. This peace is in relation among nations. Also, UN is a center for harmonizing the actions of nations.

Some Aims of the United Nations (UN)
Below are some of the aims of UN:

To maintain peace and order in the world.
Furthermore, it aims at achieving international cooperation.
Also, it harmonizes actions of nations.
Additionally, it aims at preventing future wars. However, it’s mission to preserve world peace was complicated. This was in its early decades by the Cold War between the US and Soviet Union.

Also, one important goal of the UN is to prepare future generations. This preparation is for careers in human rights. Also, for careers in economic justice, and more. This means providing resources and funding. This is for programs that give people essential experience and education. Often times, that takes the form of scholarships. This is with the United Nations University. It represents the research and academic branch of the UN.
United Nations Scholarships 2020/2021

Below are some of the United Nations Scholarships for 2020/2021:

United Nations University Scholarships
This is one of the United Nations Scholarships 2020. It is important that you hear this. A limited number of scholarships are awarded to outstanding applicants. These scholarship opportunities vary. They vary for each degree programme. As such, requests should be submitted with the programme application documents.

For more information about the scholarships available for a specific programme, note. Please visit the UNU institute website associated with the programme. Also, if you have more detailed questions, please note.

You can contact the focal point. This is for the degree programme directly. Also, for contact information for each programme, note. It is located on the programme description page.

The United Nations University Iceland / The UNU Fisheries Training Programme
Also, this is one of the United Nations Scholarships 2020. This is a postgraduate programme. It offers training in a variety of areas. These areas relate to the fisheries sector. Also, the scholarship is available for former UNU-FTP fellows.

It is for those accepted into any Icelandic universities. This must be with graduate studies in fisheries. To be eligible, please note. Your studies at the UNU-FTP must count for a minimum of 24 ECTS.
Also, this should be towards the post-graduate degree. Furthermore, please take note this. Your proposed thesis or dissertation must be related to fisheries in your home country.

The United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics Research / Visiting PhD Fellowship Programme
Also, this is one of the United Nations Scholarships 2020. Please know that the application period for March has ended. You are encouraged to apply again in September.

This programme provides registered doctoral students great assistance. Assistance like at the UNU-WIDER. This is as they work towards a PhD dissertation on developing economics.

During the three months at Helsinki, where UNU-WIDER is located, please note. Programme fellows write at least one research paper. Also, they present a seminar. If accepted, then, the fellow gets a travel grant. This grant covers a lot. Like, he journey from their institute, medical insurance, and a monthly stipend.

United Nations Office of the High Commissioner / Fellowship Programme for People of African Descent
Also, this is one of the United Nations Scholarships 2020. Please note that, the application period for 2019 has ended. As such, you are encouraged to apply again in 2020.

This programme is offered to anyone of African descent living in the diaspora. To qualify, please take note. You must have at least four years of work experience. This must be relevant to the rights of people of African descent.

Also, you must possess a good knowledge of English. If accepted, fellows travel to Geneva. There they gain valuable experience. This is in working and learning about issues facing those of African descent. The programme includes a monthly stipend and basic health insurance.


Some United Nations Postgraduate Scholarships
Some United Nations Postgraduate Scholarships
Also, there are available United Nations scholarships for postgraduate students. They are as follows:

Masters in Sustainability Science
This is one of the United Nations Scholarships in 2020 for postgraduate. It is a two-year programme. Also, it provides students with knowledge and practical skills. These skills are necessary to contribute to solving challenges of sustainability.

Also, drawing on an innovative, interdisciplinary approach, note. The programme integrates methods and resources from the natural and social sciences. Also, it does this from the humanities. It’s intended for recent graduates. Furthermore, it’s intended for professionals and practitioners. Those who seek to meaningfully contribute to the work of governments in the area of sustainability.

The programme starts in September. And by July of the second year students must complete the course requirements. Students must obtain at least 30 credits. You can select courses from those offered by UNU-IAS. Also, they can enjoy the opportunity to take courses at other leading universities. Like in Japan; such as:

The University of Tokyo.
Also, Sophia University.
And Yokohama National University.
Scholarships Provided through Japan Foundation for UNU (JFUNU) for Masters Program
The JFUNU scholarship provides a monthly allowance of 120,000 JPY. This is for living expenses for a maximum of 24 months. The tuition fees are fully waived for the scholarship recipients. However, there are costs to be covered by the student. For instance:

Travel costs to and from Japan.
Also, visa handling fees, and health/accident insurance.
Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must be persons from developing countries.
Also, you must demonstrate a need for financial assistance.
Applicants currently living in Japan under a working visa are NOT eligible.
Those pursuing a second master’s degree at UNU-IAS are not eligible.
PhD in Sustainability Science
This is one of the United Nations Scholarships in 2020 for postgraduate. It is a three-year programme. It aims to produce scholars who will become key researchers. Researchers in the field of sustainability science. It takes an innovative approach to sustainability.

Also, it seeks to promote a better understanding of the issues. This is done by incorporating global change perspectives. Specifically those related to climate change and biodiversity.

The programme starts in September. And by July of their third year students are expected to complete all of the course requirements. Also, you’re to obtain at least 14 credits. Additionally, you can select courses from those offered by UNU-IAS. Also, you can enjoy the opportunity to take courses at other leading universities. Like those in Japan. Such as:



The University of Tokyo.
Also Sophia University.
And International Christian University.
FAQs on United Nations Scholarships 2020