University Of Ghana Makes An Appeal To Private Investors

STUDENT ACCOMMODATION: University of Ghana appeals to private investors to build additional accommodation for students.


The overflow of student yearly has lead to lack of sufficient accommodation in the institution. The University management makes an appeal to the private sectors and investors to assist in building more accommodation space for the student.

The student of University of Ghana has been writing several letters for the school management to advocate on their behalf.

The Vice Chancellor of the school decided to hold a meeting today inviting all the student; and making a public speech that letters has been; sent to the private investors to assist the institution achieve the project.


The Vice Chancellor also assures the student that there will be enough accommodation for the student before 2019 is over. That the institution are working hard in achieve the goal in a short period of time.

And also advised the student to bear with the school management and manage the available space for now till the project are been completed.