University Of Ghana, UG To Install CCTC On Campus

The Public Procurement Authority has granted the University of Ghana, UG permission to engage Huawei Technologies Limited to provide Close-Circuit Television Cameras at all locations of the University, Professor Ebenezer Oduro Owusu, Vice Chancellor of UG has said.


He said the project valued at US$4, 169, 586.04, is expected to beef up security at the school since it could no longer solely rely on its unarmed security personnel.

Management is fully aware that security on campus cannot be; adequately secured by relying on unarmed uniform security personnel; and sees the need to consider alternative approaches to combating crime; and improving safety on campus,” he noted.



Prof. Owusu disclosed this when he addressed the graduation ceremony of the second batch of students who completed their programme in Humanities during the 2017/2018 academic year.

He indicated that “due to funding constraints, implementation would be done in two phases with immediate focus on identified high crime areas, including the Balme Library area, students and staff residential areas, principal streets and banking areas.”

We appreciate the support of our alumni, other stakeholders, partners and individuals in funding this laudable initiative,” Prof. Owusu noted.”

In line with the transformation agenda to make the school a world class research-intensive university; he said the UG was vigorously putting in measures to create an environment where staff; students and visitors could undertake their activities safely.

Professor Owusu said under the auspices of Independent Power Supply Team; the refurbishment of streetlights along the major streets of the University had been; completed.

A total of 4,908 students would be; graduating at the various levels from the four Colleges of the University in six sessions before the end of 2019.