The Vice Chancellor of Federal University, Lokoja, Prof. Angella Miri, has reiterated the stance of the institution against examination malpractices, which she said, were; exhibited by the recently-expelled 13 final year students.


Miri, who spoke against the claim by some of the affected students that their expulsion was; not justifiable, said the 13 students were; expelled by the university Senate due to the incidence of examination leakage shortly before the second convocation ceremony on November 4, 2017.

The vice chancellor stated that when the information reached the management that there was; examination leakage, they decided that those involved who were; final year students in the Department of Economics, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, be; held back to be investigated.

She said: “They could not graduate with the others for the investigation into the matter to bring it to an amicable conclusion before they can graduate.


“We suspended the examination and actually canceled it thereafter, and another examination was; organised for them while the investigation into the matter continued.

“That was done and the examinations were retaken, internal due process were strictly adhered to and the report was sent to the examination misconduct committee which sat on the matter and the process was taken to the university Senate, which is the highest academic decision-making body in the university.

“It is only the university Senate that has the power to look into that matter and take decision appropriately and that was what happened. The VC explained further that the students were; handed their expulsion letters and given the leverage to appeal to the council if they so wish.

Their appeals, she said, had been; sent to the governing council, the highest policy-making body in the university. However, she said because it takes two to tango, while the Senate presides over examination misconduct, the university governing council sits on the disciplinary matters of members of staff.

“So, the same mechanism was; adopted in respect of the members of staff that were; involved. “The management examined the report of the disciplinary committee and has appropriately forwarded the recommendation to the governing council which will take the decision.

“It is the governing council that disciplines our members of staff, or any employer as; they represent the visitor to the university,” she stated.