VC Suspends Lecturer for Criticizing Him On Social Media

Barrister Joseph Odok, lecturer in the department of philosophy, University of calabar (Unical) has been; suspended by the university authority over his posts on the social media. He was; said to; madcsome allegations against the vice chancellor, Prof. Zans Akpagu.


The suspension letter date January 19th titled suspension from the duty and signed by the registrar of the institution, Moses Abang stated the attention of the vice chancellor has been; drawn to a plethora of your posts on social media in which you make wild allegations against his person and the office of the vice chancellor.

It is; indeed quite disheartened unthinkable and unbelievable for an officer of your standing to make such wild, unsubstantiated and sweeping allegations that you know are capable of inciting the public against the institution and its leadership.

For the avoidance of doubt and FP the case of reference, some of your allegations against; the professor zana Akpangu, vice chancellor, University of Calabar are; listed below.


PerAgi was removed because he critized zana, SSANU chairman was suspended because he fight against double deductions was given; unwarranted suspensions because; I advice Zana now Associate professor Babi mensah is; being pursued because he contested elections against candidates.

As for men lime Zana, please check again despite your media hype to cover his tracks; please tell us what tracts. Tell him to pay arrears of promotion and improve staff welfare instead of employment; outside due process Unical weeps because of the greed arrogance of zand.

It as alleged that he made series allegations against the vice chancellor, including describing him as; an arrogant and greedy administrator. In one of his posts he alleged that the university lost accreditation; in law but the V.C deceived prospective candidates to apply and he is; now running helter shelter to jamb to bribe them.

He accused the VC of Sacking people who criticise him while among others.