This is very important scam upgrade


Failing WAEC is not actually the end of your education, but looking for means of upgrading your WAEC result to have A’s is fake or looking for WAEC result upgrade sites will make you lose your hard-earned money to scammers and intelligent fraudsters.

Let me surprise you..

Over the years, Some self-acclaimed WAEC officials have been parading the internet to illegally draw off money from unsuspecting WAEC candidates claiming to help you do WAEC result upgrade.


They claim to have access to WAEC result database. So, they promise candidates that failed the May/June or WASSCE for private candidates exam to upgrade their insufficiencies.

Don’t get me wrong…

I clearly understand the pains of failing exams despite preparations, sleepless nights and the anxiety that comes with it. I also understand how depressed frustrated one can be when you fail an exam.



But attempting to do a fake WAEC result upgrade will further compound your miseries. Even WAEC Nigeria in the official Websites had warned about this.

Formats used by these fraudsters for WAEC result upgrade

According to Waec Info, Below is one of the format they use:


Help me thank Mr Johnson for what he have done in my life. all thanks to Mr Johnson.. Mr Johnson, help me upgrade my wace result after checking the result yesterday. If you need his help you can as well contact him : 081**********..bla bla..

Why you should not do fake WAEC RESULT UPGRADE

It does not matter how convincing these scammers and fraudsters could be, moreover, they are after your money.

So, in order not to fall for WAEC result upgrade scam, this are the reasons why you should not do it.

It does not work and It is a scam.
You will eventually loose your little money
You could be jailed if caught patronizing them
It could lead to depression when you find out it does not work.
Overall, the end result of WAEC RESULT UPGRADE could be devastating.