What Causes student to drop out of collegeI met my baby daddy three years ago. We met on my 21st birthday. I went out to the nightclub to celebrate my birthday and I met this handsome 32 years old. He couldn’t stop staring at me until he approached me and introduced himself and we exchanged numbers.




He called me the next day, what causes student to drop out we chatted for about an hour and he told me he was married. He has two kids but they now are separated. In the process of divorce but they are still living together, separate bedrooms while he is waiting for the house he is building to finish so he can move out.

I was jealous and angry at him. I told him he is lying to me, they are still together and still fucking he just want to use me then dump me but he promised me that there was nothing between him and the wife, and that they had stop having sex when she was pregnant with the second baby and the baby was now 8 months and he has proof that there was nothing between them.

We were meeting at my place and staying together until 2-3am. Sometimes he doesn’t go back until the next day and on those days that we don’t meet, we chatted on the phone until late 1-2am while he was still in the house so I was happy that there’s nothing between them.

He brought the children to me, I fell so much in love with them and will be spending the day with them and it felt great to bond with them.

Then later I got pregnant, he told me to abort it because they are in the process of divorce. If the court finds out he impregnated someone somewhere else everything will go against him.

I told him not to worry I will keep it as a secret until he sorts out the divorce but he insisted that I should abort. I didn’t like it. We had a misunderstanding. In anger I hit him with my heels shoes and injured him on the forehead.


He was bleeding but he didn’t fight me back. He just left and I was very sorry. I kept begging him, asking for forgiveness, he kept ignoring me and for three months we didn’t contact each other because he was still mad at me.