As indicated by Dr Rahman Adedoyin private tertiary  why polytechnics foundations needn’t bother with any sort of help and mediation from the administration.




The owner of Oduduwa University Ipetumodu (OUI), Ile-Ife, Osun, Dr Rahman Adedoyin, on Sunday said that private colleges and polytechnics in Nigeria needn’t bother with any sort of help and intercession from the legislature.


He battled that since proprietors of private instructive organizations have the autonomy of charging education costs and producing incomes, they ought to have the option to cook for their needs, most particularly in giving subjective training to their understudies.

Adedoyin, who talked why polytechnics during; a visit with the Nigerian Tribune in Ile-Ife said “I am one of those individuals who state we needn’t bother with government’s intercession or cash. That is likewise the contention of government.

They (government) said private colleges charge any measure of cash they like as expenses and they ought not anticipate that the legislature should give them cash after this.”

As indicated by him “the administration comprehends what to do, however has not done it. The administration knows the upsides of private colleges and I can disclose to you that the vast majority need to go to private colleges, however they don’t have the methods.”