The response to the second Unicaf 500 essay competition in Nigeria has been enthusiastic, with over 500 essays submitted.





Nigerian citizens up to the age of 30 sent in their thoughts on the contribution of young people in the national effort for development and progress, stressing the importance of quality higher education in empowering young people, making them more knowledgeable, more efficient and more employable, thereby increasing their contribution to the development of the country.


The top prize awarded to the first winner is a full Unicaf scholarship for a Master’s degree with Unicaf University, plus a laptop; four additional winners receive tablets and cash prizes

The majority of the entries submitted to the competition considered the many different aspects shaping the contribution of the young to national development and highlighted various problems faced by a large number of Nigerian youths today, such as; poverty, limited access to quality higher education, widespread unemployment and lack of empowerment or of a sense of purpose.

The first prize, a full Unicaf 500 essay competition scholarship for; an online Master’s degree with; Unicaf University and a laptop is awarded to Adedapo Adeniruju, 27 years old from; Ibadan. Adedapo has studied Mechanical Engineering and is a writer and documentary filmmaker.

The second prize winner is Nwachukwu Nonso Victor, 25 years old, from Lagos, who wins a tablet and a monetary prize of $500. Victor is a Civil Engineering graduate.

The third prize winner is Chartered Accountant Asiboje Esereosonobrugwe, 22 years old from Lekki; he wins a tablet and $300 in cash.

The fourth prize winner is 28-year-old Taiwo Isola, from Abuja, holder of a Bachelor degree in Human Anatomy. He wins a tablet and $200 in cash.

The team of winners completes Onwuli Nwannebuife Olive, 22 years old, from Lagos. She wins a tablet and a monetary reward of $100.

Unicaf wishes to thank each and every one of the participants in the competition, and promises to continue to provide opportunities for young Nigerians to access, in an affordable and flexible manner, quality higher education, which can open the way towards the career and life of their dreams.