Episode  4
wrong number
“Pamilerin I think you just need to stop acting up and wait till tomorrow morning like you said so you can carry out this test,So we’ll know if you are truly pregnant or it’s your feelings that’s deceiving you”.
“Tunde i really don’t blame you, cause you don’t know the shame I’ll bring to my parents and the body of Christ and every other person that looked up to me”.
“It would have been better i was rusticated from school like Bolu was rather than get to this level in my studies and get pregnant”.
“So she finally picked herself up from the rug and said a few lines of prayer asking God to forgive her for getting carried away with love and breaking the vow she made to herself that she won’t give in to sex till her wedding night”.
She even knelt down and promised God heaven and earth, She kept saying
“I promise i would never have sex again till marriage”,
I promise i would serve you for the rest of my life,
I would retrace my step if you give me this one chance, While she was talking tears was flowing down her eyes.
“She couldn’t sleep althrough the night”
She was just restless waiting for the next morning to come.
“She kept checking the time and the time seemed slow than ever,She kept checking till it was finally 4am”
She hurriedly moved to the toilet,got a container and urinated in it and then inserted the pregnancy test strip that she had bought the previous day and waited for 10minutes.
When she brought it out “Lo and behold”
The test strip showed two red lines as she had expected,It was confirmed that she was pregnant.
She screamed out loud
 “Tunde Oti pami oh”,
“Tunde you’ve killed me”.
Tunde jumped out from bed and held her and said “Pamilerin What is it this early morning,Are you aware its just 4:30am.
“Pamilerin held Tunde by his pyjamas and said It’s positive and showed it to him.
Tunde see am pregnant and you expect me not to shout.
“Pamilerin when I said I loved you and am ready to go any length with you,
I wasn’t mincing words,So do not bother yourself,
We will keep this child and I would do the needful by travelling down to inform my parents of this good news  then we’ll pick up from there Ok.
“Just calm down,
My love,You don’t know how happy i am now.
Tunde held pamilerin by the back telling her “Thank you for making me a father”.
“Tunde you must be out of your mind”
“Pamilerin shouted”,
Have you lost your senses,
What are you saying I should calm down that am keeping this child,
This unwanted pregnancy,
What will become of me then.
Have you forgotten that am the first born of my parents.
What examples would I live behind for my siblings.
“A pregnancy drop out legacy”
You really must be out of your mind Tunde.
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