episode 5


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Pamilerin am not out of my mind.

“The deed has been done”.
Thank God we are already in our final year,before you know it we’ll be done with school,then i’ll get a well paid job so i can take good care of you


But in the mean time i’ll be leaving for my parents tomorrow,
Since tomorrow is Friday so i can stay over the weekend at once.

First of all,I’ll try to make the environment friendly on Friday by telling them of how am still topping the class and still maintaining an high C.g.p.a both in the department and also in the faculty.

“Then i’ll finally tell my dad on Saturday evening”.

“How about that my love”

“Tunde live me alone,
Just do as it pleases you,
My own is am giving you till Sunday afternoon Else I’ll take actions and abort this pregnancy”.

“I can’t stand the shame, The humiliation and everything both here in school and at home”

“Just imagine am the first daughter of my family and you expect me to live the pregnancy”.

“My parents are civil servants, but they’ve tried their best to give us the very best of life”.

I had a good educational background right from childhood till now not to talk of grooming us with Godly virtues both my siblings and I.

“Pamilerin it’s Ok”

Enough of this please,Tunde spoke softly and parted her back.
I know all of this already.

“Pamilerin? Am so sorry,I know it’s all my fault, You never gave in to Sex since day 1.
I was the one that talked you in and you gave in cause of love”.
Please forgive me my love

Tunde have heard you but all am saying is that there must be a solution to this problem on Sunday from your end

Else I’ll have to find a solution myself asap.


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