Yabatech wants a New Rector through Appointment

Some unions of Yaba colleges of technology, Lagos, on Thursday urged the federal government; to appoint principal officers for the institution including rector. The unions under the aegis of the sector staff association of Nigerian polytechnic; and non-academic institution made the call in separate interviews with the news agency of Nigeria.


Yabatech, the cradle of  higher education of Nigeria, was; established in; 1947 to replace; Yaba higher college. It attained autonomous status in 1969 by virtue of decree23, which granted it the mandate; to provide full time programmes in national and higher national diploma levels .

The SSNAIP chairman Olatunbosun Olorumbe, noted that the positions of rector, registrar and bursar; have not been; filled by substantive officers since; they served out their; tenures in 2017.

The union leader who stressed the need for the their replacement said it would help the institution; to start 2018 on clean state . Olorumbe said, a process to appoint a new rector was; conducted on 2017; by representatives, board of the college the federal ministry of education and; senior members of the college.


The name of successful candidates were forwarded to the presidency; to final is; selection but since; then nothing has been heard.

We are appealing to the government to appoint rector, government to appoint rector registrar; and bursar for smooth operation of college. We want the government to conclude the selection process of appointing; all the key officers so that will end the era of acting capacities in the college.

Also NASU chairman, llesanmi olatunbosun, said; the union was; worried by; non-appointment of principal officers . Government should appoint substantive rector, registrar and bursar; as soon as possible to retain the standard of the college