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Yale University Scholarships Application Portal: Yale University scholarships are available to international students as well as domestic students.

This university is one of the best universities in the USA and is part of the Ivy League schools. The Ivy League schools are synonymous with prestige and academic excellence.
It is a dream of many high school students to study at one of those universities because studying at Ivy League schools is almost guaranteed success.


Yale University Scholarships – Undergraduate
As mentioned before, Yale University is committed to providing scholarships so that the financial circumstances of the applicant’s family does not hinder them from attending this excellent university.

Yale University scholarships are always need-based, meaning that the finances of the applicant determine the scholarship amount.


This university does not offer any merit scholarships, which means that academics, SAT scores, or GPA does determine the scholarship amount. You can see this information on Yale University Scholarships Page.

Yale University Tuition
Yale University is one of the most expensive universities in the world. It cost approximately $51,000 for tuition, $9,000 for room, and $7,000 for board. These costs are expensive for even wealthy families.

Because of that reason, Yale University is committed to not letting an applicant’s family finances to hinder them from attending Yale University.

Yale University scholarships are awarded to cover 100% of the financial need demonstrated by the family. They take into account your parent’s income, assets, and finances to determine your scholarship amount.

Yale University Average Scholarship Amount
Yale University posts the average scholarship amount for students who have received financial aid. In the Affordability Page, it has shared some statistics about financial aid. It says that approximately 63% of the undergraduate students, including international, received financial aid.

The average Yale University scholarships are $44,000 per student, and the median net price is $12,000 a year. Also, students whose parents earn less than $65,000 a year do not pay anything!
So, if your parents earn less than $65,000 a year, Yale University scholarships cover tuition, room, and board!

Scholarships Required Documents for International Students
International students do need to have the required forms to be eligible for scholarships. First, you need to submit the common Application for admission. Common Application is also used by other universities to file the application. If you want some advice, you should read the Common App 101 article.

For Yale University scholarships, you need to file the CSS Profile and Tax Returns of your parents for income verification.

For more information about CSS Profile, visit How to File CSS Profile. Also, if you want more information from an official website, you can visit International Students Requirements.

Application Deadline
For undergraduate students, there are two sets of deadlines. The early action deadline is November 1st, and the regular decision deadline is January 2nd.

The Common Application is available during the summer. Also, there are deadlines for the financial aid documents also, but those deadlines are after the application deadlines.

Yale University Scholarships – Graduate
In order to apply for graduate student scholarships, students do not have to apply to different departments. However, for graduate scholarships, students have to apply to the departments of their choice because funding policies are different for each department. Graduate funding is determined by individual departments, not the university.

Also, students need to keep in mind that Master’s scholarships that are fully funded are very rare, even for domestic students. Students can apply for scholarships still to the departments. However, for Ph.D. students, fully funded scholarships are very common.

As you can see on Yale Scholarships Page, every student has at least full-tuition scholarship, hospitalization fellowship, and an annual stipend. Students can be awarded more scholarships by outside scholarships.


To find the departments of your study field, you can go to Yale Departments Page. On this page, you can find the department of your field and the financial aid information for your studies. Remember, the individual department awards the most money for graduate students.

Application Deadlines
The application deadlines for graduate students vary by department. It is up to the individual departments to set the deadlines for themselves. You can check the deadlines for different departments by checking their websites. The list is linked above.

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