The Zonal Coordinator ASUP, Academic staff Union of Polytechnic Dr. Olu Wale Omo’oh a orun dissociated  themselves from; a petition reported and filled before Governor Ogun State.





Omo’oba Orun Zonal coordinator Asup made this known at a meeting with academic staff members of the college held at the Ilese-Ijebu campus, where he stressed that the act of illegality had heightened tension in the institution.

“The attention of the national body of ASUP has been; drawn to the illegal petitioning of the Provost of the College and the entire management. The action of the proscribed members covertly petitioning of the Provost and others is illegal, undemocratic and uncivilized,” he stated.

“I also; read it online and on the newspapers and I felt bad the proponent of that petition and publication has committed a very great offence, which we are going to ensure that they were dealt with and prosecuted for.

“As far as I know, there are certain conditions precedent for you to file a petition before; the Governor and House of Assembly; so, those who file the petition on our; behalf and with the letterhead paper of ASUP will actually be punished for the offence,” Omo’oba Orun said.

He noted that the Chapter had been; proscribed for the past one year, and the petition of the Provost and the entire management was; unjust and uncalled for, saying that many of them were aggressive about; their ambitions, and petitioning was; not the best way to address issues or to register their grievances.

“As am talking to you, I am the Zonal Coordinator, Zone C, and also; double as the OGSCOHTECH chapter chairman of the council. Sinnce the activities of the chapter had been; revoked, I have been in charge, and I see no reason why Mr Abiodun Abiodun will be using our; letterhead paper to malign and petition the Provost…,” Omo’ba Orun said.

He assured the staff and the entire management of the College that a disciplinary committee of ethics and conduct would be constituted to punish the erring officers involved in the petition, noting that Mr Abiodun Abiodun would face the full wrath of the law for; taking the law into his hands and using ASUP’s letterhead paper to malign the Provost, management and the entire College.


He, however, urged the management of the College to temper justice with mercy by pardoning and reinstating the erring members.